VFC SCAR H/MK17 Modular HPA Murderbox Drum Adapter

VFC SCAR H/MK17 Modular HPA Murderbox Drum Adapter

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Introducing what was codenamed the MILF (Magazine I Like to Fill) adapter: a murderbox-style, high capacity magazine conversion for your VFC SCAR H/SCAR 17/MK17 GBB (replica and other accessories not included).

Unlike murderboxes that are mounted on a plate carrier or war belt, this adapter uses a Blue Force Gear pouch to house a drum and winding mechanism and is mounted on the magazine to LARP as some sort of COD MW2 Gunsmith-style belt-fed SCAR. The shorter feed tube helps with feeding tension.

If you really wanted to, you could remove the mounting plate and BFG+drum combo and replace it with something that has higher capacity, or even just a cardboard box then reattach with hockey/Goon Tape. As long as you can attach it securely and interface with the included feed tube, you should be good to go.

Just connect your airline, fill the drum, and let it rip.

    1/4" macro line and fittings are included with purchase to connect to your 1/8 NPT QD.

    "Side-by-side"/"Jungle mag" variant coming eventually.

    Note 1: Estimated lead time of around 2 weeks but could be longer.

    All packages are insured! :)

    "Worst Case" lead times are below, but your order may ship earlier:

    1-2 Month Lead Time: WE M4 depending on resupply delays.

    2-Week Lead Time:  KWA Vector Adapter

    2-3 Day Lead Time: Stock Adapters, Kyle/Meme Amplifiers

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