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Hi there, and welcome! On this post, we'll try to explain how our adapter systems work, with GIF images and photos to illustrate it all. It's a bit of a read, but if you want to truly understand how to use our products (and save yourself some money), then read ahead!

There's an easy tl;dr table/chart below if you just want the highlights.

too long, didn't read:

Just know that we won't charge you $180 twice for having two drum adapters to two different GBB guns with our system. Also, here's a nifty table:

Saturn System:
  • Are modular Lowers that let you use your AEG mags in GBBs
  • Does not need a baseplate
  • Fully assembled Saturn System Adapters replace your original magazine
  • "Saturn" describes how the Lower attaches onto the other parts

Our Old H-Mag System: Lowers

Back in 2018 when we first debuted via Indiegogo, we used something called the H-Mag System. The H-Mag System was the predecessor of the current Saturn Systems; that said, all of these systems are modular adapters that you can use for your GBBs.

The H-Mag originally released in the form of the WE Tech M4 GBBR adapters, which let you use M4 AEG magazines or Angel Custom drum magazines instead of your typical WE Tech gas mags.

Each AEG-compatible adapter is called a Lower and was secured using four screws. The Lower is connected to the Midsection, and the Midsection is connected to an Upper. The Upper fits in the magazine well of your gun.

Furthermore, a separate "loading nub" was also included and installed, which engages the AEG magazine to feed when inserted.

The reason why our loading nubs exist is due to a personal experience with an AEG a few years ago. Constant rough reloading caused the part that engages the AEG magazine to fold in and be deformed, which caused feeding issues.

If we integrated our entire adapters with the loading nubs and the nubs got worn, you'll have to replace the whole adapter. Replacing an entire adapter means more unnecessary cost to you, and we didn't want that.

The Saturn and Cassini System: Adapters and Lowers

Despite having two product families using the word "system", the Saturn System is the core feature of our adapter products.

The Saturn System: Fully Assembled or Lower Only

The Saturn System is the "Version 2" of our modular Lowers. Instead of attaching onto the rest of the adapter via four screws, your Lower slides on (with the loading nub) along a rail, then pinned in place.

Vector Lower Disassembly

(KWA Kriss Vector adapter pictured above)

While using screws makes it easy to design, it's a pain to unscrew everything without the help of an electric screwdriver.

So you want to use an Angel Custom drum instead of your M4 adapter? Maybe a PPSH drum? You can do that very easily.

KWA Kriss Vector Lower Modular Adapter Swap

(Quick Lower adapter swaps! No screwdrivers needed!)

A fully assembled adapter (or even a kit, like our KWA Vector adapter kit) is also considered a Saturn System, since it uses the Saturn Lowers.


In conclusion, the Saturn Adapter line ismeant to improve your GBB's magazine capacity while also not being too ridiculously expensive. As we head into the future, we want to provide even more adapters to use with our system and blend in our own wild innovations.

Thanks for reading! Be sure to follow us on Instagram and/or join our mailing list for more content!

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