Originally established in 2015, we designed and brought forth unorthodox airsoft products using 3D printing technology. Developed and tuned over and over again, our Modular System features replaceable parts that allow its user higher magazine capacities in their gas blowback platform while keeping the option of reloading. Due to its modular design, multiple configurations are possible with minimal expense compared to other alternatives.

We break a lot of rules and void a lot of our personal gun's warranties just because, but there is one rule we will never break: our products will always be designed and manufactured in America.

Here at Black Variable, we strive to design and provide truly unorthodox airsoft equipment.


"What in tarnation is a 'Black Variable'?!"

Didn't want an acronym as our company name but wanted something different.

Also, our previous company name wasn't too great.


"Where are you located?"

East Coast, United States. ...So basically we usually have faster ship times than a few of those West Coast stores. ;)