VFC M249 Nutsack HPA Adapter Feeding Insert

VFC M249 Nutsack HPA Adapter Feeding Insert

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A feeding insert for your VFC 249 LMG's RS 100rd Nutsack; if you already have your M249 modified for HPA and already have an RS Nutsack, this is plug and play!

This does not use cassette magazines or a custom cassette to feed BBs into the chamber. Instead, this uses a "starter tab" of sorts so you can larp as a machine gunner loading a proper ammo belt instead of loading an oversized P90.

This means that if you have multiple box mags, the reloading is more realistic!

A plus side to this design is that there are no fragile locking tabs, box mag brackets, or cassettes that will break. You do not have to swap any parts over from your existing VFC cassettes either.

Feeding mechanism runs off of 9v batteries and a pressure pad.

If you are running a fake ammo belt, you may need to modify the first two or three fake bullets for proper clearance.


  • Feeding mechanism for RS Nutsack

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