VFC MP7 Reinforced Endplate (No Stock)
VFC MP7 Reinforced Endplate (No Stock)
VFC MP7 Reinforced Endplate (No Stock)

VFC MP7 Reinforced Endplate (No Stock)

Regular price$30.00

Reinforced backplate suitable for VFC's MP7 GBB since some people have their endplate crack.

This endplate uses the typical Black Variable carbon fiber✨ 3D-printed material. It absorbs the shock of the MP7's bolt cycling back and forth very well.

Multi-segment design to mitigate and compartmentalize wear and tear.

Due to this endplate being made up of multiple parts, replacing the sections that primarily get wear can be cheaply done.

M4/Buffer Tube Stock Adapter and will be compatible with this product as an add-on as well as Kevlar variant coming soon. :)

NOTE: This does not have the cutouts for using the original collapsing stock and stock latch. Think of this as a Modern Warfare 2019 "No Stock" adapter that doubles as a reinforcement.

Because of this, you save even more money since you don't have to buy a Steel Stock Latch.

Features include:

  • carbon fiber blend 3D-printed construction
  • compatible with future Black Variable MP7 stock adapters
  • easy installation: install your bolt and charging handle like normal.

All packages are insured! :)

"Worst Case" lead times are below, but your order may ship earlier:

1-2 Month Lead Time: WE M4 depending on resupply delays.

2-Week Lead Time:  KWA Vector Adapter

2-3 Day Lead Time: Stock Adapters, Kyle/Meme Amplifiers

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