TM G17 Plate Angel Custom Drum Adapter V3 (Cassini)

TM G17 Plate Angel Custom Drum Adapter V3 (Cassini)

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Introducting the Cassini System:

Compatible with the Tokyo Marui G17, the Cassini System lets you can be one of the cool kids with an AEG adapter on your pistol, but without the hose! No need to invest in expensive air regulator and tank setups.

You mount our unique lower adapters (such as our V3 M4 AEG or Angel Custom Drum adapters) directly onto your pistol.

Want to get run the Drum adapter for a while, but switch to something else? We won't make you pay $100 twice for adapters that go to the same gun.

The pull ring lets you quickly disconnect the plate system to refill your magazines.

No gasket maker or tools are needed; attach the easy-to-install single stack shims into your pistol magazine, then slide the main piece onto where your baseplate should go.


    • Ready to go: Everything you need is included with every purchase.
    • Green gas compatible- HPA rig is not required!
    • Cassini System is compatible with our existing lower adapters.
    • Quick-to-use pull ring allows for fast disassembly for gas fills.

NOTE: Magazine not included. For illustrative purposes only.

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