KWA Kriss Vector Upgraded Piston and Piston Seal

KWA Kriss Vector Upgraded Piston and Piston Seal #16

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A collaboration project with renowned Vipertech magician Civi: an upgraded and replacement Piston/Nozzle Rear and Seal set for your KWA Vector, just in case yours was broken.

Printed in Durable PA12 Nylon, this rear piston end uses and comes with easy-to-source o-rings instead of KWA's proprietary Vector Cup Seal, replacing both Part #16 and Part #60.

This is also compatible with both KWA's original loading nozzle as well our enhanced Loading Nozzle.

Available as a standalone piston (with o-rings), a rear piston assembly, and a drop-in assembly (assemblies will have some lead time).

The "Rear Piston Assembly" option for this product includes the following:

  • Upgraded Piston and o-rings
  • Return Spring Retainer (part #55 and #525) and aftermarket Vector return spring (part #117)
  • Aftermarket replacement for part #515

The "Drop-In Nozzle Assembly" option for this product includes the following:

  • Above Piston Assembly
  • Upgraded Loading Nozzle
  • Part #517 (piston assembly retaining pin)
  • Rocket valve spring (part #118)
  • Rocket valve (part #17)


  • Backwards compatible with KWA's original/stock Nozzle Part #15
  • Uses o-rings instead of KWA's proprietary Cup Seal
  • Durable MJF printed material
  • Entire Piston Assemblies and fully assembled nozzle sets are available
  • Designed by Civi at civi ch

All packages are insured! :)

"Worst Case" lead times are below, but your order may ship earlier:

1-2 Month Lead Time: WE M4 depending on resupply delays.

2-Week Lead Time:  KWA Vector Adapter

2-3 Day Lead Time: Stock Adapters, Kyle/Meme Amplifiers

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