VFC MP5K Chibi War Extended Handguard
VFC MP5K Chibi War Extended Handguard

VFC MP5K Chibi War Extended Handguard

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This is the longer version of the Black Variable VFC MP5K Chibi War Handguard.

Like the Chibi War, this goes as rearward as possible on the MP5K, with the thicc girthy grip adding more surface area as well as hiding the weld/seam line on the bottom of the receiver where your thumb would normally go with a K vertical grip.

The key difference besides the length is the "shovelnose" styling near the tip of the handguard.

You should still have enough clearance for the tri-lug. You might not have enough clearance for suppressors if you are direct threading directly onto the outer barrel. (you should be fine if you thread the suppressor onto the tri-lug instead).

To install, you may need to remove the left-side sling loop as well as remove the original forend.

MLOK version coming soon (or if you want it).


  • No more painful rubbing from the receiver weld line
  • More surface area to grip it and rip it
  • Fuller-size length for the size queens

3D printed with a carbon fiber material blend.

All packages are insured! :)

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