Vorpal Hunnie (G17 Version) Body Kit
Vorpal Hunnie (G17 Version) Body Kit
Vorpal Hunnie (G17 Version) Body Kit

Vorpal Hunnie (G17 Version) Body Kit

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Just a sci-fi Japanese anime style body/compensator kit for your TM/WE G17.

Doesn't come in pink, but maybe in the future

The future is now- it comes in pink, but only for a limited time.

Astolfo Version is not printed in the usual Carbon Fiber material, but come with a free patch as well as a full-size picatinny rail so you could put a Cloud Defensive OWL on there if you really wanted to.

Astolfo Version is available with a 3D printed integrated standoff or without it, for those wanting to run extended barrels, slides, or muzzle devices.


  • Ready to go: Everything you need is included with every purchase.
  • Single pin for attachment, slides onto your G-Series rail.
  • Pink variants attach via included picatinny segment.
  • Compatible with TM/WE G17.
  • Similar in look to the official Sword Art Online Vorpal Bunny, but this ships out faster.

NOTE: Made to order.

NOTE 2: G17 and optic not included.

All packages are insured! :)

"Worst Case" lead times are below, but your order may ship earlier:

1-2 Month Lead Time: WE M4 depending on resupply delays.

2-Week Lead Time:  KWA Vector Adapter

2-3 Day Lead Time: Stock Adapters, Kyle/Meme Amplifiers

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