KWA Kriss Vector Return Spring Assembly #117, 55, 515

Sale price$15.00


A pre-assembled return spring assembly for your KWA Vector GBB. While the return spring that is installed is not OEM, it is very very close.

This assembly is compatible and used in the Black Variable Vector Piston and Seal.


Buying this gets you the following, pre-assembled and ready to put into a piston:

  • 2x Nozzle return spring #117
  • 1x Return Spring Retaining Base #55
  • 1x Return Spring Retaining Base O-Ring #525
  • 1x Return Spring Retaining Base Pin #515

The "Rear Piston Assembly" option for this product includes the above AND the following, assembled for you:

  • Upgraded Piston and o-rings

The "Drop-In Nozzle Assembly" option for this product includes the following:

  • Above Piston Assembly
  • Upgraded Loading Nozzle
  • Part #517 (piston assembly retaining pin)
  • Rocket valve spring (part #118)
  • Rocket valve (part #17)


    • Backwards compatible with KWA's original/stock Piston End Part #16 and Piston Cup Seal Part #60
    • Fully compatible with the upgraded Loading Nozzle Piston End

    All packages are insured! :)

    "Worst Case" lead times are below, but your order may ship earlier:

    1-2 Month Lead Time: WE M4 depending on resupply delays.

    2-Week Lead Time:  KWA Vector Adapter

    2-3 Day Lead Time: Stock Adapters, Kyle/Meme Amplifiers

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